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Our Sunday School Circuit follows in the style of the old-fashioned horseback “Circuit Riders” who brought news from city to city on horseback. Our Circuit Riders use a different mode of transportation; they have traded in the saddles for a set of tires and ride motorcycles to get to each Sunday School. A weekly Circuit consists of 6 Sunday Schools in 6 different villages. All of our Circuit Riders are graduates of our BMW program and know the local language of the villagers so Sunday School classes can begin immediately. Getting to these Sunday School locations can be difficult, if not even impossible, by a vehicle other than a motorcycle. The roads are walking paths with crude bridges to go across rivers, and lots of rain causes potholes and mud holes. Sunday School classes are held in a pavilion that we have built at a Rescue Unit or on land given to us in the local village.

What happens at Sunday School?

1. Praise

Every Sunday School class begins with singing a fun song. Singing songs helps to get the children ready to listen to the lesson, as well as helps them to pick up new English words and phrases.

2. Bible Lesson

During this time, the Circuit Riders will teach a Bible story to the children. Often times there will be pictures or fun visual aids to help the children understand. They may even act out part of the story to keep the attention of the class.

3. Bible Memorization

We strongly believe in the importance of hiding God’s Word in your heart and want our Sunday School students to have that ability. Even if the student is unable to read or own a Bible for themselves, they are able to learn and grow from the Bible verses that they memorize.

4. Crafts

All of our Sunday School lessons have a coloring page for the kids to take home. These coloring pages serve two purposes! By coloring, the kids are able to have a hand-on activity to help them remember the story. The pages also serve as a wonderful witnessing tool. The kids will use their crafts to show their parents or older siblings what they learned in Sunday School.


Perhaps the most exciting part of Sunday School for the kids is the games. Most of them have never owned real soccer balls, or other sort of toys, so being able to play as a group with their friends is a real treat. It’s also a great time for our Circuit Riders to get to interact with the kids to show them that they care.

6. Quizzing

To encourage the children to memorize verses, we have a time for quizzing competition. Like most children, the ones who attend our Sunday Schools can be very competitive, which serves as a good motivator. The winners will also be able to attend Boot Camp as the champions, which will give them a great sense of pride in their accomplishments.

7. Phonics

Phonics class comes next, and is an extremely important part of our ministry. Kids are taught the ABC’s through song, as well as letter sounds, consonant blends, and other basic reading skills. While many of them are taught English in school, they often are not given the help that they need to understand. By teaching phonics, our Circuit Riders enable them to stay in school, which can change their lives.

8. Teachers training

With the Teachers Training program, we train adults to become Sunday School teachers and trainers. Training the adults helps them to learn, as well as making it possible for them to hold a Sunday school even if the Circuit Riders are unable to make it.

9. Altar Call

An invitation is given at the end of each lesson for the kids and adults to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

There are thousands of orphans and adults that need to attend a Sunday School. You can be a part of helping these people learn of Jesus Christ!

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