Sunday School Class in Malawi

Circuit Rider holds Sunday School at Wadman circuit in Malawi


Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) was founded as a result of our desire to do all we could to nurture and disciple new believers as well as proclaim the Gospel in areas where there is little or no solid biblical foundation.

As an interdenominational ministry, Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) did not want to be building and establishing new churches, yet still had a burden for those without spiritual training. Sunday School is the means by which we have chosen to take the message of God’s love. Sunday School is non-threatening in any cultural setting and gives us the opportunity to earn our right to be heard. Sunday School is for adults as well as children and everyone can learn together. We teach Literacy classes each week for both adults and children which open doors of opportunity for everyone. We also carry life-saving medicines and treat wounds and often times our Riders have the only treatments available for miles. In planning for the future we also teach area adults how to teach Sunday School so the ministry can continue.

Our Circuit Riders are using motorcycles to carry God’s Word into remote areas with little to no established Christian witness. Each motorcycle circuit normally consists of six Sunday Schools that meet weekly to hear Bible stories and lessons that explain the meaning of the gospel message, often with the help of visual aids. Our Circuit Riders are national graduates of Teen Missions BIBLE MISSIONARY & WORK Training Centers. MSSM is also partnering with FAITH COMES BY HEARING to start weekly listening groups using dramatic audio recordings of the Bible in the local language. Click Here for more info.

Each week we teach literacy classes to children and adults. We have developed a system of teaching games using phonics. African children need the help in reinforcing reading and writing skills in order to pass on to the next grade. English is taught in schools, however, because the children are usually only able to speak their native dialects they find English quite difficult and without the extra help a child can remain in the same grade for years. We have met 16 year olds in third grade.

Many of the adults have never had the opportunity to learn to read or write and are now so excited to finally have that opportunity. In Africa you have to pay school fees, have a uniform and the money to buy your books in order to attend school. For many people this was never possible. There are people coming to our weekly classes who are excited to read and write for the first time, some at age 60.


Medical Missions on MSSM Steele Circuit in Zambia

Medical Missions on MSSM Steele Circuit in Zambia

Our Circuit riders also carry life-saving medications with them. At times they are the only source of malaria, cold, stomach and wound medicines these people can access.


It is difficult for us to comprehend not having the finances for something as simple as cold medicine, Tylenol for a headache or fever, or a Bandaid to keep a wound clean. For many of the people in these villages these simple items are not available or affordable. We give them out at no cost.


Motorcycle Sunday School Mission had their first organizational meeting in October of 2007 in Chillicothe, Ohio. Present were Robert and Bernie Bland, Kathy Vanderpool, Linda Maher, Tami Dooms, George Dooms, and Danetta Newland. During the week long session the ideas and logistics of the ministry were brainstormed by those in attendance. It was agreed that a training program for national Bible school graduates who were interested in making a three-year commitment to be involved, be offered in Malawi following the 2008 African Summit. Robert, Linda and Danetta agreed to remain in Malawi for three additional weeks to run the program. There were 12 excited pioneer young people at that first training session, six from Zambia and six from Malawi. The first Circuit that officially started operating was the Sims Circuit in Zambia, with Circuit Riders Milian and Susan paving the way. This gifted couple took on the challenge and laid a wonderful foundation for the future of this ministry. After the birth of their daughter, the couple were reassigned to a Rescue Unit. There are now Circuits running in Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Uganda, Madagascar and Indonesia. Future plans include Circuits at many of our overseas bases around the world.

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