Motorcycle Sunday School Mission

Reaching the Inaccessible

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost – Matthew 28:19

The Mission:

Our mission is to reach specific locations. Circuit Riders penetrate rural areas in Africa, Asia, and Central America:

  • with remote roads
  • withstanding the rainy season
  • which lack bridges
  • or are simply too rough for larger vehicles

The impassible is possible with the motorcycles we ride!


  • Effectively Teach Sunday School Curriculum & Communicate the Gospel
  • Hold Literacy Classes for both Children & Adults with the use of English Phonics
  • Start Audio-Bible Listening Groups & Organized Bible Studies
  • Establish a Bible Memory Quiz Team (Our Finalists Attend TMI Boot Camp)
  • Disciple & Train the Local Adults to Continue Teaching Sunday School Classes


Our Partnering Ministries:

AIDS Orphans Ministry LogoAIDS Orphans & Street Children (AOSC) provides:

Rescue Units — Remote AOSC rescue units serve as a re-supply point providing food, training materials and fuel for each Motorcycle Sunday School Circuit.

Teen Missions International (TMI) provides:

Teen Missions International Ministry LogoCircuit Riders — Teen Missions BIBLE MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Centers offer a three-year missionary training program for national young men and women with a vision and calling to full-time Christian service. The BMW program provides the foundational spiritual and practical training for future MSSM Circuit Riders.

Maintenance Centers — Teen Missions bases serve as centers for motorcycle repairs and maintenance.

Host for ‘Recharge’ Seminars — Circuit Riders from each national MSSM program are hosted three times a year by the primary Teen Missions base for a three-day ‘recharge’ seminar. These meetings serve as a time of fellowship, rest, prayer and additional training for the Circuit Riders.

Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) provides:

Faith Comes by Hearing Ministry LogoAudio Bibles — Many people in rural areas are illiterate. FCBH provides a digital audio recording of the entire Bible in the local (heart) language of these unreached people groups. These recordings are loaded on a Saber digital player. Its batteries are recharged by either hand crank, solar power or plugged into an electrical socket. Weekly listening groups are an important part of the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission program and cover several chapters of the Bible per week. Discipleship takes places during the group discussions at the end of each listening session.

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