Malawi | Wellman Circuit | April 2012

Dear Sponsors of the Wellman Circuit,

And Jesus Christ our Lord was shown to be the Son of God when God powerfully raised him from the dead by means of the Holy Spirit. Through Christ, God has given us the privilege and authority to tell Gentiles everywhere what God has done for them, so that they will believe and obey him, bringing glory to his name” – Romans 1:4-5.

He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Jesus Christ is alive and working through the ministry of Teen Missions and MSSM. As the Easter season has come and gone, our ministry is striving to keep the miraculous work of Jesus Christ at the forefront of everything we do. The ministry of MSSM has seen the Lord move in the lives of many people who attend the Sunday School program and as we move on from the Easter season we want to be sure we do not forget the reason our ministry started. Our ministry is founded upon the Lord Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made on the cross for the entire world, and as a global ministry we feel the importance of reaching to all people groups, and to those Christ shed His precious blood for. We hope these stories are uplifting and draw you near to the cross this month.


Literacy class this month has brought marvelous impact to many kids. We are singing the Lord’s Praises right now for the 22 people have surrendered their lives to Christ this month and ask for your prayers that they will continue to grow in the Lord. Pilirani is a girl who was very shy and couldn’t share the gospel. The Sunday school classes have sharpened her and she is able to share the scripture, able also to teach the young ones. She is becoming zealous with the words of God, she also organized a group of children for a choir of whom she is the choir director. She is singing with her group and the songs are so edifying and many youth are flocking to this group called “Grace and Happiness choir.” At this unit girls were behind so much in terms of English writing, speaking and pronouncing of English words. But the good news is that we have produced 12 girls who are able to speak and write good English through phonics class. For instance one girl Monica has been appointed by her school to go for kids parliament where she will represent her school. She will debate with other school kids in English. This is the fruit of this class, we hope to produce more next month. This month Sunday school has done a tremendous work, many kids (over 60) are attending the Sunday school. It is also encouraging seeing the big girls attending the classes. The lesson of this month has helped the children in our class who were naughty and rude; They were noisy in class and they fought with each other, but now they have learned that God doesn’t delight in disobedient children. One of the boys here named David was very naughty. He had been smoking secretly and even drinking alcoholic beers. One day during Sunday school, the lesson tackled this issue of substance abuse. We talked about boozing and smoking. He was convinced and surrendered his life to Christ. He revealed all what he was doing, We prayed for him and assured him “that the past has gone in those who live in Christ” He is completely changed. Many kids like games, especially when we involve ourselves into the games, this enabled us all to grow closer. The quizzing for this month has been very good because many preteens were able to be involved themselves. They all did very well in memory work and are able to teach their friends who are still behind with their verses. We want to close with this inspiring story of a women who rose out of the ashes of her past. We are so thankful to the Almighty for assisting Jesse, a young woman aged 32 who has become one of our Sunday school teachers. Her life has been one hardship after another. She said she was once impregnated by a man who ran to south Africa and denied her. She has a daughter aged 6 named Debrah. When she started attending the Sunday school she was full of distress and frustration, we prayed with her and encouraged her that though she was forsaken by the man, there is only one man (Christ) who will not forsake her, she is now a good convert and is living a life with Jesus Christ. Thank you supporters for all you do in helping us share the love of Jesus.


In this month we had nice time to gather our kids and teach them how to read and write. Literacy class is made up of all ages, since this area many people are used to go to the lake for fishing and traditional dance. For these reasons many remained ignorant especially at school. therefore they didn’t go further with school, some never attend school but with the introduction of literacy class, people are helped much. One person that helped with phonics is Panganani age 18 a boy who now can read a sentence from a passage in the Bible. He is happy and has made a commitment to come to classes. We are happy to have the Sunday School program here. This program gives us the privilege of sharing different Bible stories with kids and elders. This class is benefiting everyone very much because we are reaching many people who were not even attending Church services; 3 people started going to Church through the Lords work through our Sunday School this month. We are happy to testify what the Lord is doing in the heart of a boy named Benjamin. He is one of our volunteers who normally come to the classes and attend different ones especially on Sunday School. Spiritually he was a young Christian but because he works hard on coming to Sunday School lessons, now he is no longer young because God is using him so very much. He works hard even at his Church, and he is doing affective work in Youth group and Church ministry. 53 people made a profession of Christ last month and we are so blessed by this miraculous work of the Lord. Games is another part which also attracts many kids to come. We tell them in order to play a game we have to first teach them lessons. Games also play a big role of preventing kids to get involved in obscene group gambling instead they come closer to God. Quizzing attendance was very good up to no less than 16. Amongst the group 6 were doing good because they once boot camp.


It is so exciting to see the difference that Sunday school is making since we started in this village. The Sunday School lessons we teach have helped many kids in this location. In our Sunday School class all the students have finished level one, we are happy because of these students and we believe that in the future we will have many teachers. We thank God because of Chikumbutso. He is one of our students from our Sunday School teachers training, this guy was not coming frequently to Sunday School, but from the time he started attending Teachers Training classes he has been coming every day of Sunday school and he has made his friends come with him. Concerning Literacy classes. This month children have been doing school and we thank God because of how the kids have been coming frequently to attend Sunday School classes. We praise the Lord because of the lessons we have been teaching the kids and they have enjoyed learning how to write in cursive; many kids have been attending this class. Chisomo is a boy who used to give us problems during class time, but now we are very happy because he has ceased from giving us problems, he is even a giving good example to the other kids in class.It is evident that God is at work here and His Spirit is softening the hearts of many toward His gospel. MSSM has truly affected out region and we cannot express the gratitude we feel for you all who have supported the ministry.

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